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At his recent brain chemistry seminar, Kharrazian showed brain MRIs of a man who had symptoms of Lou Gehrig’s Disease (he was increasingly losing function of his right arm and leg)

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It was also an evening full of meaning and emotion but bereft of any story

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“The regular glucosamine and chondroitin still sells if it’s the right formula.”

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the prime edifice blocks of all plants and animals, and the good sense that they have the chemical capabili-

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Patients With Type 2 Diabetes and Impaired Renal Function, Diabetes Care, 36(11), 3620-3626 va intreb

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They weren't big boxes either, but tended to be tucked into strip malls or other retail zones

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I CHOOSE to drop the 'f-bomb' because I know it spins up people like you

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