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It's like having a sunroof that blends directly into the windshield
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I had no idea that all I had to do was turn 40, be of Celtic and/or Germanic descent, and have fair skin, to break out like a teenager, again, but only worse
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Researchers found that while curriculum enhancement may not significantly improve attitudes, the study suggests that interventions may be supportive of already favorable attitudes.
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toreflect (i) a 2.25-for-1 stock split of the Common Stock to be effectiveimmediately prior to the effectiveness
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The intimidation and threats he used to coerce teen-age girls to marry him were inexcusable
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Some of them are full of wardrobe slips (esp getting out of taxis) and unflattering bikini shots (alongside flattering ones)
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We have transferred 2 embryos on Day 2
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We’ll talk about that more in the breakdown.
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Her heart doctor said, after trying an alternative statin last year, “if you can’t tolerate cholesterol meds then I can’t help you.”
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When we are fully able to accept our pain, to go into it consciously, it transforms from our enemy into a voice of wisdom guiding us down a better path towards greater levels of vitality and health
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Analogous to the case for muscle adverse effects, the impact of cognitive adverse effects from statins, when they occur, may be more profound in the elderly
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