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Besides making it hard to breathe, I have to take fistfuls of medication every day with annoying side effects which include water retention and weight gain
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Prescribers are reminded to provide a handwritten signature and date on the form before submitting it to the pharmacy provider where the prescription will be filled
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The people who made this art were completely untrained — as free-spirited as artists can be.
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His mother worked at Summerlin on the housekeeping staff
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the first few days, I didn’t lose nearly as much as I’d hoped I would after the first full
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'We got plenty of time yet.’
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Die konkreten Namen wurden nach dem Bekanntwerden des ARD-Schleichwerbeskandals zwar entfernt, aber die gekauften Plots blieben enthalten.
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In general, oral agents are extremely well tolerated, have few side effects, and are more effective than topical agents
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