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VIII- IX is brought about by reaction with (4-carbohydroxy n butyl)-triphenylphosphonium bromide and methylsulfinylmethide in dimethyl sulfoxide at room temperature for at least 2 hours
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In many cases, taking drugs that the bodydoesn’t need, or taking them at higher than safe amounts, can be life threatening.
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One couldn’t walk past an A&F store without inhaling a snootful
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I had most of my two cases left when the news broke in June
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During his 14 years as an undercover narcotics officer in New Jersey, he collared more than 1,000 people on drug-related offenses
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of mainstream practices as a way of maligning and discrediting those who were bringing to public attention
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or less, more preferably about 20 minutes or less, and still more preferably about 15 minutes or less,
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