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included pimozide 1 mg orally twice daily, quetiapine 100 mg orally twice daily, trazadone 100 mg orally

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197823 granted by Indian patent office on 12th April, 2006 based on their application made on 3rd March, 2004

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Substances derived from plant or animal tissues are modified on a molecular level in a laboratory until they precisely match and mimic natural human hormones.

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But, unlike him, I am tormented by the illusion of eternal immobility

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Washington, DC: National Academies Press, 121-129.

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It is recommended for varicose veins that are causing pain or are very unsightly, and when hemorrhaging or recurrent thrombosis appear

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Diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in 2006, Crispino underwent surgery, radiation, and hormonal therapy

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An aliquot can be used for direct cytological examination and the remainder for culture.

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Paul Bartel cast Richard as comic heavies in the cult classic "Eating Raoul" and in "Not For Publication."

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